Pasukulan Falls, Bataan: More than just a side trip

Aside from Mt. Mariveles and Patingan Peak, Natib has been one of the favorite hiking places in Bataan. A dormant volcano with an elevation of 1,258 meters above sea level (MASL), Mt. Natib niches various species of flora and fauna that paves relaxing scene for city dwellers. It is also a good choice for environmental junkies as it is not yet exploited and it houses the highest among the twelve known natural falls in Bataan — Pasukulan Falls. Hidden in the heart of the forest of Mount Natib, Pasukulan Falls will definitely refresh your body after the long and winding trek.

Getting there:


After an hour of hike, we were able to see a mansion area and a viewpoint accessible by a land vehicle. The first part of the hike was just a walk on the park since trails are wide and established. Mt Natib facade, on a good weather, will welcome you on a high note.


You will pass about 3 – 4 river trails that makes the tiring ascent-decent trail negligible as the audible sound of water seems to be near.


As soon as the descent was over, Pasukulan Falls magnificently showed in the distance partially shrouded by trees. Before reaching the waterfalls, we had to descend from a steep and slippery trail using rope. The rope was there when we arrived and was probably left there for hiker’s safety. A few more steps downward and the pool was fully visible. Looking up, I finally saw the natural attraction in all its almost – 200 feet glory. With lush green accentuating its vertical walls, it gracefully released its narrow cascading water that plunged into a catch basin creating a deep pool. The tiring four hours of trekking was simply rewarded with some ice cold natural swimming pool waiting for her to be tested.


Pasukulan Falls is more than just your typical sidetrip from Natib. It is one the hidden treasures of Bataan that needs to be taken cared of.


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