Weekend Escapade at Davao Oriental

Summer is already knocking on its final phase, yet I still haven’t got a taste of escapade to due to the busy schedules of work. That’s why the day I had a chance for a quick “summerscapade”, I immediately grabbed it then head on to Davao Oriental .

Here is our itinerary for a 2D/1N trip:

6:30 AM Went to Buhangin Gym
7:00 AM Travel from Davao – Mati
11:00 AM Arrival at Mati; A quick lunch at carinderia
12:00 NN Mati City tour
* Subangan Museum
* Sleeping Dinosaur View Point
* Menzi beach resort
3:00 PM Checked in at Menzi Beach Resort, rented a tent
4:00 PM Went to Old Mati Airport for Mindanao Flying Saga
5:00 PM Went back to the beach; relax


Check Out: Carolina Lake: Baganga’s Next big thing

7:00 AM Hire a habal habal to van terminal to Cateel
11:00 AM Arrival at Cateel, quick lunch; hired a habal habal to Aliwagwag
11:30 AM Explored Aliwagwag Falls
2:00 PM quick visit to Cateel Church
2:10 PM Travel to Baganga
4:00 PM rented a tricycle to Carolina Lake
5:00 PM hop a van going to Mati
7:30 PM Arrival at Mati; Quick dinner
8:00 PM Head back to Davao



Davao - Mati (van) 180 
Rented a tricycle - 300 (good for 2)
Subangan Museum - 50
Menzi Beach Resort - 50
Tent pitching - 100
Mati - Cateel - 200
Habal habal to Aliwagwag to Terminal (RT) 300 (good for 2)
Cateel - Baganga - 100
hired a tricycle to Carolina Lake (RT) 100 (good for 2)
Baganga - Mati - 180
Mati - Davao - 200

TOTAL EXPENSES: 1360 per pax


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You do not need to be rich to travel, you just got to have the guts to do it. Let me show you the world.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Escapade at Davao Oriental

  1. Wow, you saw a lot in just two days. The itinerary is useful and some cool photos. I was unaware of that dinosaur. Now gotta go check it out.. Thanks for the interesting post.


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