A Hidden Paradise No More: Canibad, Samal Island

It was love at first sight the day I met the beaches of Canibad Cove. Just a 2 hour away drive from Metro Davao is a hidden paradise waiting to be explored.

It was a great weekend, as we are planning to spend our night on the beaches of Samal Island to quench our thirst for beach — to destress ourselves from the hussle and bussle of city life. With our food, liquors and body ready to hit the waters we then head on to Magsaysay Park to traverse our way from Davao City to Samal.


Barge going to Samal Island

Getting there

There are two options in getting to Canibad. You can either choose your starting point in Magsaysay Park or in Sasa Wharf

Option 1: Magsaysay Park

You can hop on a bus going to Samal then drop off at Central Warehouse. Upon arriving at Central Warehouse you can hire a habal habal going to Canibad.

Option 2: Sasa Wharf

You can go to Sasa Wharf and ride a barge to Samal Island. You can then hire a habal habal to reach Canibad.

Writer’s Choice: Option 1 as you can buy at Central Warehouse and is near to a public market where you can buy fresh fishes and other herbs needed. Also, use your haggling skills as other drivers are trying to overprice the fare. Typical fare ranges from 80 – 150 depending on your marketing ability.

049Sunrise in Canibad Cove

After paying 5Php for the environmental Fee, and the 155 concrete steps descent, we finally reached the cove. It was true after all, it is truly a hidden paradise. Untouched by high modernization and heavy commercialization, Canibad only offers its white sand beach with crystal clear waters. Little to no signal in its place, you can definitely forget all the stress brought about social media and the technology. This is definitely a place where you want to run away from all the stress that city life brings.

For adventure seekers, Canibad is also a place for Cliff diving. The 25- ft high cliff offers an exhilarating experience to get intimate with its clear water.


view on the of the cliff diving spot


Here are their prices

Gate Pass (Non Customer) – 30.00
Day Rate – 40.00
Overnight Rate – 80.00

Day Rate – 450.00
Overnight rate – 650.00

Day rate – 1,800.00
Overnight rate – 2,500.00

Day rate – 1,000.00
Overnight rate – 1,800.000

Day rate – 150.000
Overnight rate – 300.00

Day rate – 150.00
Overnight rate – 300.00

Day rate – 30.00
overnight rate – 50.00

Facebook Page: Canibad Secret Paradise Resort



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