#ProjectPH81: One province at a time

Ang maging turista sa sariling bayan. 

While others find traveling to different countries more worth visiting than the Philippines, I hope this would make you think of it again. The Philippines has so much in store for a traveler like us. You won’t regret it as it offers everything you could ever look for – from its natural land formations to white sand beaches; historical land sites and churches, the alluring smiles and the hospitality of every locals that will surely make your travel a memorable one. And yes, It is a cheap country to travel, and you’ll get a great value for your money.

Way back 2013, as I started to work as a biomedical engineer in a private company. Basically, my assignment was to cover the northern part of Mindanao, and to support other places if deemed necessary. This paved way for me to visit some of the places that I wouldn’t have thought I could during on a working hour period. These work – vacation scenario gave me a sudden excitement to visit the other parts of the country, either the must-see destinations or the road that are being less traveled. I wanted to go further and see more destinations on each provinces, to satisfy my urge to see how wonderful our country is.

Then it came into my mind — I want to explore all 81 provinces one at a time. Will I be able to do it? 

So what good will it do to me? Maybe a possible fulfillment of a passion for traveling? or a satisfaction that I had completed a certain task? or a way to learn new things while on the road? to meet interesting natives, to witness extravagant festivities, to promote and contribute to Philippine tourism? to gather some good blog materials, or maybe, to simply run away from the hassle and bustle of a concrete jungle set-up?I really do not know but I am much eager to find out.

Now, I am taking one step at a time to reach my goal, to visit the 81 provinces of our orient pearl; experience its diverse culture, eat some exotic foods, and above all inspire others to witness and experience how great our country is and to show that it is indeed more fun in the Philippines.


Here are the list of provinces:

As of February 2017, I have visited 37 / 81.

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You do not need to be rich to travel, you just got to have the guts to do it. Let me show you the world.


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